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Unforgettable Experiences


In the heart of the Himalayas lies

A resort of beauty and surprise

Ashapuri, a resort serene

Where nature's bounty can be seen

The valley stretches far and wide

A feast for the eyes, a scenic ride

The forests beckon with their green

A peaceful abode, a tranquil scene

The snow-capped mountains tower high

A sight that makes the heart fly

And as the river flows by

One can hear its soothing sigh

In Ashapuri, the amenities abound

A gym to keep one's fitness sound

A spa to pamper, relax and unwind

A gaming zone to entertain the mind

And as one steps out into the lawn

The beauty of the Himalayas is drawn

A panoramic view, a sight to behold

A mesmerizing scene that never gets old

Come, visit Ashapuri and be amazed

By the wonders of nature, so perfectly displayed And with its amenities at your fingertips

Your stay here will be a memory, one that never skips.

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